Dear physical bookstore/publisher:

What is the best service for book readers? Currently, readers either buy paper book or eBook/iBook, but not both, why? Can you imagine readers buy a paper book, at the same time, also get a free iBook to read at anytime, anywhere on any device when paper book is not in hand? Isn’t that the best one stop service for readers? Why this best for reader book selling model never exists all around the world? Through years of hard working, our iBook called CloudiBook is the first system to do it perfectly! Buy a paper book, get a free CloudiBook, this explosive news will help you sell more paper books! Well, to save money, readers may only buy CloudiBook at lower price, instead of pushing readers away, now you can sell CloudiBook directly at your physical bookstore! iBook’s profits could be shared author 70%, bookstore/publisher/CloudiBook 30%, for iBook from bookstore/publisher, even if it is sold by author or, bookstore/publisher still get 15%! With the world wide unique book selling model, physical bookstore will earn money from both paper book and iBook on much bigger market! This is the best book selling model that never exists, this unique book selling model can double your business and profits without any extra cost, and this is what we’d like to partner you with!

You won’t lose your paper book business, instead of waiting other eBook/iBook taking more and more paper book market, you can partner with CloudiBook to fight back, let me explain couple of more points:

·        CloudiBook can do 10 day free trial which is very hard for other Books to do;

·        CloudiBook can offer 20 free iBooks at beginning, readers are willing to come for free iBook draw;

·        More readers will come to buy books, and more authors will come to publish books because you offer unique and best one stop service for both readers and authors;

·        Audio and Video book can be merged into Text CloudiBook;

·        You are more competitive than others by offering “buy a paper book, get a free CloudiBook”; 

·         It is easier to borrow paper book, but not CloudiBook because user name and password are hard to share. CloudiBook can only be read page by page, but not download the whole book, so copy right is very well protected;

·        We’d like to partner with you on this new business model to develop world wide book market. You earn 15% of CloudiBook’s price no matter who sold it, you can put CloudiBooks on your website to reach bigger Canada and US market!


The following detailed how you can sell CloudiBook directly at your physical bookstore and get 15% of iBook price no matter who sold it.








How bookstore sells iBook directly & get 15% + free trial + free iBooks at beginning

Go to and click right link “Publish_book_To_Share_or_Sell”

Fill the following form and click “I Agree and Submit …” button to creat a book account called “bk_wonderful_story”

Go to, login book account “bk_wonderful_story” to get following interface


Click above “bk_wonderful_story – GO” to get following interface, publish book table of content by “Make a new Chapter/Section” ; publish book content by “Make a new Document

The above “Entire Book Search” can search the whole book, and “Entire Book 2 Words” can further filter the search result list by 2 words, “Entire Book 2 Words” can also search words in a chapter or section, just put words in one box and put chapter/section name in another box.

Go to last time stopped page! is bookmark, system auto remember where you were before.

Click “Go to page#: 10 Go” to read page 10, you have bookmark, change font size, click >>>> to go to next page, click “Home” to search entire book like Google, and like paper book, you can write note on margin of each page ……


After book has all been published and verified, sell it by inviting users to read it.                                                        How to sell CloudiBook directly at physical bookstore: after customer paid, bookstore employees go to  and login account book_store which is a special account for bookstore to sell CloudiBooks



Click link “Invite User to Read Book”




Enter buyer’s username READER1 (if no username, create one), select paid book “bk_wonderful_story” (all sellable CloudiBooks will be listed here), click “Invite User to Book/Group” button, all finished! You can do free trial by entering “Free trial end date”, can also offer free iBook or “buy a paper book, get a free iBook” by entering “iBook sold price” $0

How READER1 reads CloudiBook:  READER1 login


Click button “Accept Invitation to LIST IT BELOW”


READER1 can read all CloudiBooks she/he bought at anytime, anywhere on any device! If too many CloudiBooks, move some to “BOTTOM LIST”. Well, if you download too many other eBooks on cell phone, how do you organize them? How about you lose your cell phone? You may lose or misplace your paper book, but you’ll never lose CloudiBooks listed alphabetically as follows! 


Apart from bookstore selling CloudiBook, author can also sell CloudiBook, this is how: author login book account “bk_wonderful_story”, then click link “Invite User to Read Book” to get following interface, author can only sell her/his book, enter buyer’s username READER4 and click “Invite User to Book/Group”, all finished, reader4 can login and read “bk_wonderful_story”

Book author can sell CloudiBook, bookstore/publisher can sell CloudiBook, can also sell CloudiBook, system auto tracks who sold iBook at what price to share iBook profits with author/bookstore/publisher: iBook_sold_price $0 means free iBook or “buy a paper book, get a free iBook”; book_store is a special account for bookstore to sell CloudiBooks; reader1 Sold_by book_store for free trial end May 1, 2018 (deny reader1’s book access if not paid before May 1); reader2 Sold_by book_store for a paper book with free $0 iBook; reader3 Sold_by author bk_wonderful_story for only iBook at $9.99;   reader4 Sold_by CloudiBook for only iBook at $9.99; reader5 Sold_by author bk_wonderful_story for totally free iBook for promotion. We can do CloudiBook free Trial or totally free CloudiBook like this to promote book sales!