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    We started our business as Computer H & S Encyclopedia in 2002, through 16 years hard working, we developed Internal Data Search Engine www.idse.ca, Website Search Engine www.googlebycity.com, Commercial Website Design www.web411.biz, Local Yellow Page www.mbyellowpage.com etc.

    With Cloud Computing more and more popular, we founded OwniCloud Inc. in 2015, then developed www.ownicloud.com which is a milestone cloud data searching and sharing system, group account can share data, sell products/services, also be your central management system to manage work flows, processes, customers, employees & everything.

    With app more and more popular, we fine tune www.ownicloud.com to cloud app www.cloudibook.com, it is unique and best sharing system with most advanced Cloud Computing Technology - share 'Book' with a group of people, share 'bk_friend' with friends; share 'bk_family' with family; share 'bk_work' with co-workers etc., we are selling commercial books on www.cloudibook.com with features like self-publishing; while writing while publishing; buy a paper book, get a free iBook; iBook 30 days free trial; 20 free iBooks at the beginning etc.

    CloudiBook can sell commercial books and other products/services, can share personal books with friends and family for fun, can also be a person or a company's central management system to manage everything. By selling commercial books, www.cloudibook.com can draw more users and earn money directly. Well, other cloud apps may only share data, that is our advantage!

    We do one-stop service for both authors and readers. Buy a paper book, get a free iBook to read at anytime, anywhere, on any device, this is the best one-stop service to readers. To authors, we not only publish iBook for free, also print paper book for free, so authors will have $0.00 cost and 0 effort to get paper book printed and iBook published. We also help authors sell paper book in physical bookstores with "buy a paper book, get a free iBook", our iBook is so advanced that we can do 30 days free trial to promote book sales, we will give author amd bookstore 20 free iBooks to do initial marketing, contact us for more info about selling commercial books.

    OwniCloud Inc.
    P.O.Box 2586 STN Main, Winnipeg, MB, Canada R3C 4B3
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