We are hiring Sales Representative!    

While stay at home, you may want to make big fortune by selling our Cloud Server Systems. Before apply, you want to know our systems are unique and best to be sold to small and big companies at this special time, we appreciate you go to OwniCloud.com or CloudiBook.com , create Personal User Account and Group/Book Account, then join user into group/book to share data/book, if you write your own book, you can sell it or share with others!

You will work at home, email, fax, call companies to sell the 3 systems: 1) www.all-in-one.ca , 2) 2servers.all-in-one.ca , 3) OwniCloud.com or CloudiBook.com . You write down your work in our central management system, e.g. the companies you contacted, no matter one month, one year or couple of years later, as long as the company you contacted bought our system, means you made the sale, we pay you high percentage commission, you may earn a lot more than the salary! Apart from commission, Sales Representative made the sale will get our company shares with chance to become permanent employee. Send your Resume, Cover Letter, and your selling plan to info@ownicloud.com, to get more info, send email and we'll call you.

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